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Number 4 on the top 10 thing managers do wrong when we recruit is…..

We are sales people at heart. In the interview situation we start selling our services instead of taking an objective view using a process that separates those that have no chance from those that have the right ingredients. We switch into ego mode and sales mode and then try to convince ANYBODY that they should be working with us! How has that worked for you so far?

Design your own process.

This must include:

  • Getting the applicants to commit to the industry before you commit to them.
  • You must use other ways to interview them. Other than sitting over a desk with them.
  • They must actually DO the activities they will do on the job BEFORE you make a decision
  • They must be put through a profiling system to see if they are even a fit for the industry.
  • They must invest in their start up. The bar must be raised to select those that are have the right commitment.
  • They SHOULD be trained BEFORE they start with you.
  • The ultimate way to start someone is to actually have them mentored correctly by a start up coach.

Quick Start Recruiting.

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