Your ultimate and most comprehensive shot at being up and running, and earning

faster in the real estate industry!

This program encapsulates over 40 years of experience with up to date relevance.

The creator, Peter Gilchrist, has coached and still coaches some of the best agents and managers in real estate.

The biggest hurdle for new agents coming in is knowing what to do and say at every part of the real estate cycle. They waste months trying to get to that point.

QuickStart has street smart strategies and scripts that will have you confident and ready from day 1!

This is the same training and scripts that Peter shares with the highest earning agents and managers in the business!


We teach you strategies, scripts and 100’s of pages of ideas to find that first listing and keep growing.
You will complete your own prospecting plan to implement the day you start in an office!


You will learn, role play and practice full presentation scripts and dialogues so you NEVER miss a listing. Includes a template for the pre-listing profile and the table presentation to use the day you start. This is worth 10's of thousands of dollars to you in year 1.


You will be amazed at how easy this unique negotiation process is to use.
Practical, consultative and keeps your clients loving what you do. No manipulation!

Growing your business

As you get started and the volume starts to kick in you will be shown models and strategies to keep the momentum going. All taught to you by a master coach who specialises in getting $400,000 agents to $1 million.
Invaluable as you start to get busy so you DO NOT plateau.


  • People starting in real estate as a full blown agent or, as a PA who will eventually end up as an agent.
  • People already in the industry, but know there are more efficient and effective ways to grow fast.
  • People working in an office where there is little support, and need help on the strategies to get in more doors.
  • People looking to get into real estate but would love to know what to do BEFORE actually making a start.

Did you know over 80% of new sales people in this industry hit the wall and leave within 2 years? We aim to reverse that statistic by making sure firstly that you are suited to the industry by offering a personality profile, and secondly by giving you the highest quality of strategies and scripts to get an effective foothold in this career pathway.

You will have all the confidence and skills to step up and succeed once going through our program.


  • A comprehensive online real estate training PROGRAM for new sales agents which includes several modules and additional options.
  • It includes a Caliper personality profile which will tell you if you are likely match in the various roles in real estate.
  • Several modules and lessons with 100’s of bite-size training videos or audios covering every step of the real estate cycle.
  • Module to get started with Business Plans and a Workbook.
  • Module on Prospecting including scripts and strategies.
  • Module to understand the basics of Marketing.
  • Module on Digital Marketing (coming soon).
  • Module on the entire Presentation, Listing and Negotiation process (coming soon).
  • Access to Coaching Café which is an online membership site with 1000’s of resources pertaining to all areas of real estate.
  • Membership to a Quick Start Community Group with support from our Quick Start mentors and program creator.

Next Top Agent QuickStart is arguably the best online training of its kind in real estate, with over 4000 people in 4 countries completing its previous version.

Now he offers the NEW QuickStart giving those who complete it their shot at being the Next Top Agent! 

About the training program...

Access to an online learning platform. Every lesson with video, audio and transcript access to support your preferred learning style.

Printable or editable Business, Prospecting and Marketing plans.
Digital note taking available.
Questions and comments are readily supported.
Role Play support offered.

Easy access to Scripts
Easy access to QuickStart Content Warehouse/Library
Access to demos and role plays to aid learning.
Access to FaceBook QuickStart Community Group

Option to get 3 months of mentoring by an experienced QuickStart mentor. All questions and guidance supporting and accelerating your success every step of the way.

about peter gilchrist - creator

Peter Gilchrist is a coach and mentor for some of the best franchises, managers and salespeople in the industry.
Peter has been supporting people just like you, to come into the industry and then grow their business, for over 40 years. He has lectured and trained in NZ, AUS, UK, SINGAPORE and SOUTH AFRICA.


 Next Top Agent is a total rewrite after 15 years, incorporating everything Peter uses in his daily coaching of elite agents. The top agent he supports brings in $3.5million a year. You are about to work through the same material!!

What our clients say

Peter’s direction and knowledge is priceless. I can’t wait to practise all I have learnt. 

N. Papadoniou

Very informative. Very real. Totally get it!! Must do!

J. Dionisatos

I would advise anyone who would like to go that extra step, to not hesitate. I got such a buzz and was so enlightened in different areas that I would not have thought.

T. Giouzelis

I have just had an amazing experience with Peter Gilchrist. Highly recommend it. I wish I had met him ten years ago.

R. Fischer

To anyone thinking of attending this training: There’s a load of material out there and a plethora of trainings, however Peter’s is taking us back to basics and focusing on the critical/crucial/fundamental to lead to a successful career. Thanks Peter and Tracy

S. Garay

This is what it’s all about. Get your real life started. A must do.

A. Bloom



Includes Caliper Personality Profile

Value $997

Launch Special


getting started




Caliper Personality Profile
Personal Mentoring for 3 Months


getting started





A full program on Digital Marketing for Real Estate



Peter's full Listing Presentation- how to, with templates and scripts



3 months with your own personal mentor.


interested and want to talk to someone?


So, is this the same as my licensing course?

No this is the practical street smart every day strategies you need from an industry guru. You need to get your licence but they cannot deliver this information at this level.

Should I do this before I start?

One of the biggest issues for new agents is they turn up on day 1 and have no idea what to do first. This program will show you and teach you exactly what to do on day 1. It is a program you can learn BEFORE you start in an office. That's what we say “up and running faster…and earning sooner”.

Do I pay for this?

Yes in the end you will pay, but your manager may help you there. Ask them if they can pay and take it out of your 3rd or 4th commission.

How long do I need to put aside to do this course?

Either before you start or as you begin we think 2 hours a day is best. As you start you will have daily recommended prospecting activities. Do not let these interrupt the learning in this program.

If I start this program and don't get a start as fast as I want, can you help me?

Yes we can. We are well known throughout the industry and can introduce you to managers in your area. We can also help you with interview techniques as well.

If I don't know if I am suited, what can I do?

If you sign up for QuickStart we immediately include a Caliper Personality Profile. We are specialists in this profile and it will give you an indication of whether you will thrive and succeed naturally, or whether there are some aspects of how you like to work that you will find a challenge in this role. If you are NOT a match and choose not to proceed as a real estate agent, we will consult on what other roles you might be better suited to or will give you your money back less an admin fee.

Are you guaranteeing me success?

No we can't do that. What we can guarantee you is that you will have all the necessary strategies and scripts, and support, if you use a mentor, to get you up and running successfully. If you think of the investment to possible success it is a no brainer!