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Make Better Strategic Decisions

Strategy #7 Make Better Strategic Decisions Here’s the last in this series of Strategies the Best Managers Implement It’s time to get clear on what you really want! To do this however, you need data, facts, information, coaching, good advice and guidance. There is the critical factor that influences the growth and profit of a business as well [...]

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The Right People in your Team

Strategy #6 The Right People in your Team - How do you know? It’s a vicious circle! You take someone on who is a friend of an agent, a cousin, or someone who responded to an ad. You onboard them, train them, mentor them, give them hours of your time and energy … and sometimes that works out [...]

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Time Management – Are You A Busy Fool?

Strategy #5 Time ManagementTime management is one of the most undervalued topics that I teach, however, getting control of this can literally change your life! There are 7 of these strategies that top managers implement...If you want them all now, click below... [...]

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Curing Inconsistency

Welcome back to Strategy #4 of the 7 key strategies that the top managers implement.I see it all the time ... one month the numbers are great, and the next month, not so good. This key to profitability is consistency…I can tell you that the indication of what your company is capable of does not come by looking [...]

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Get Control Of Your Enquiry

Welcome back to Strategy #3 of the 7 key strategies that the top managers implement.Strategy #3 Get Control Of Your EnquiryThe profitability of your business is directly influenced by where enquiry is coming from and where it gets directed! There are several ways to manage this for simple and easy gain.Now is the time to get control of the [...]

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How does your role affect the bottom line?

Welcome back to Strategy 2 of the 7 key strategies that the top managers implement.Strategy #2 Te be or not to be a  selling manager?It is a huge question!  Making the decision to be a selling principle or non-selling principal steers the profitability and culture of your business in one way or another. You have to decide which is [...]

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20/20 Vision Market Share & Profit

As we step into a new year after a couple of unprecedented years, it's a great idea just to gather your focus and get clear on where you are at and where you want to go.So, I am giving you the 7 key strategies that the top managers implement!Strategy #1 You must have a 20/20 visionMost successful and [...]

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How to beat the hot shot in your area!

Are you an agent just starting out in the industry or an intermediate agent who is struggling to get market share? Is there a dominating agent taking every listing in your area?In this video, Peter talks about how to beat these people through the use of his signature strategies and scripts.It is normal to feel intimidated by the hot [...]

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3 Tips to Increase Profit Quickly!

COVID19 or not, the fundamental issue all managers I speak to face, is creating or increasing profitability!Our industry has been at the forefront of change for a while now, and the current situation merely escalates our need for effective strategies that ensure we keep up with modern trends. Many businesses will fall by the wayside sadly unless they work [...]

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How to change every relationship in your life?

Quite frankly, there’s a lot of nonsense talked about how to be present! What does it mean? One of my favourite writers is Osho. He’s an old Indian guru who wrote something like 240 books. He shares a story about being in the moment and about how to be present.  It goes something like this …. You are [...]

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