As we step into a new year after a couple of unprecedented years, it's a great idea just to gather your focus and get clear on where you are at and where you want to go.

So, I am giving you the 7 key strategies that the top managers implement!

Strategy #1 You must have a 20/20 vision

Most successful and profitable businesses have a very clear vision as to what it is they're trying to achieve. This is on the business level but also, more importantly, on the big picture level.

For centuries, travelers and sailors have been guided to their destination by the North Star, aka Polaris, which holds still in our sky while the rest of the sky moves around it, it stays constant.  

Success in any area of life first needs its North Star - the “thing” that guides them and gives everything else meaning, context and direction.

What is your North Star at least for your business for now? 

Find out how you can craft a clear vision in my video below…

There are 7 of these strategies that top managers implement

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