With Our Ultimate New Sales Agent Recruiting Campaign

Our tried and tested 8 step recruiting process makes finding, selecting and

training new real estate people simple, fun and the closest you’re going to get .

to a guaranteed success!

Best part is we lead the whole process for you!

How does it work?

The 8 Step Recruiting Process

We help you place ads for new salespeople - OUR specific ads, not yours. Our ads attract a higher quality of applicants right from the start.

We manage all the enquiry for you. You keep listing and selling.

We invite all recruits and host a mass online interview and information event. Turning up is part of the commitment process.

You attend the online interview event and get to introduce your business, interact and observe how YOUR candidates respond to our special “interview” process.

All attendees are encouraged to complete a real estate specialised personality profile to determine their natural likelihood of being a successful real estate agent. This is the second big commitment on their part

We follow up each attendee and process all those who complete the personality profile.

Every attendee that is a natural “match” to sales, admin or property management are referred back to you for further interview.

We hand hold each promising next top agent through the certificate, training and mentoring process to their first listing! (Freeing you up to do what you do best - list and sell!)

This system is your ultimate solution to making the best recruiting decisions

possible and growing your business to the next level with the right people.

It is said that 80% of new agents are gone within 2 years.

We aim to reverse that trend by taking the guesswork out of finding those with natural skills to succeed in this industry.

No more taking on new “nice” but non-performing people and then not knowing how to get rid of them!

No more going through CV after CV and loads of time wasting interviews!

No more spending hours training new people who are just not ever going to make it!

No more dollars flying out the door with nothing coming back!

Are you ready to grow your business effortlessly?

Now you can recruit as often as you like in the year (We run this process each month)and have confidence you will choose the best applicant, get them

trained and up and running faster!

Don't take our word for it!

Cathy Loftus

Finance and Operations Manager

Morrison Kleeman

Ben Boutros


"Using the QSR process has allowed us to employ people who want to invest in their future, it is an easy and simple process. We would not look to take on a new person without following the QSR process and knowing the person is a right fit for our office. "

Lindsay Burne


"I just wanted to write and extend my thanks to the Peter Gilchrist team. We have now run two recruitment events with Peter, and we have quickly identified great candidates in both. This is how I will be recruiting for my business for now on! Quicker, easier, more effective. Thanks!"

Brett Oliver


"With the changes to the legislation and the risks involved in employing new sales people Quick start is the only way I would ever appoint a new sales person! The Quick start recruitment program has taken the guess work out of the selection process, saved countless hours of my time in training and has produced productive sales people. I’d never take on a new person without doing it this way"

Who is this for?

Managers/business owners serious about growing their business.
Managers/business owners tired of taking on new people who just don’t “make it”.
Managers/business owners who are listing and selling and don’t have the time to do this effectively
Managers who want to make sure they take on any good new sales person in their area

What you receive?

You get:

  • Administrative support throughout the recruiting process.
  • Specialised ad copy to attract best quality recruits.
  • Hosted platform and recruiting event process - you just show up for 60 minutes!
  • Caliper feedback for all successful candidates. They pay for this.
  • Access to Quickstart online learning platform and managers guide for how to use it.
  • Ongoing support and communication. Help deskFeedback from our Mentor on how your next top agent is performing throughout the process.


  • A process you can use again and again throughout the year.
  • Free E book - Raising the Bar with lots of exercises and ideas around recruiting
  • The one off placement fee if you take on a NEXT TOP AGENT™ is normally $4995 +GST and currently reduced to $3995 +GST
  • Enrolling and using this system is at no cost to you bar the ads you wish to place and a small placement fee if you actually hire someone - see above


100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you're not happy with the Next Top Agent™ you take on we will either refund the placement fee or let you put it towards going again and getting some else.