Meditation is a gateway to Awareness. Awareness can start in many ways, and one way is with being able to sit quietly, come back to the breath, quieten the mind, and allow new information to come through. I use these meditations in my seminars and presentations, and I always get people coming back to me saying, I need to do more of this!


Meditation to Still the Mind

Our minds are constantly busy with thoughts that affect the way we live and function.  Becoming aware of your thoughts and learning how to still the mind is a powerful and helpful way to bring more calm and joy to your life. Try this as a simple way to begin!

Use this meditation to still the mind when you need to focus or concentrate or even just to STOP when there is too much “busyness” happening!


Sleep Meditation

Peter uses this powerful meditation in his “The Edge – Never Miss a Listing Seminar”. Whilst these 9 minutes will have you relax deeply, this practice will leave you energised, as if you’ve just woken up from a deep sleep.

Use this meditation to bring yourself back to the breath, to become laser-focused, and calm the next time you need to make a listing presentation!