One of my favourite writers, Gary Zuckoff defines authenticity as when your personality is in alignment with your soul.

There is something quite extraordinary that happens when you find yourself in a moment of calm. A moment when everything just feels “right”. It’s not even easy to explain why … but in that moment you are at peace.

Being in this space of authenticity gives energy and doesn’t take energy. It opens you so breakthroughs are possible. It’s a state of being in the blue zone.

For us, authenticity is a state that is not separate at work or at home!

Many say that they leave home at home when they are in business, and they leave work at work. I think this is a very disconnected way to live your life. You’re still YOU at work, at home, at a family gathering, out with friends. Are you being authentic in every aspect of your life?

It’s exhausting to be inauthentic! It’s exhausting to be someone you are not!

One of the things that we’ll encourage you to do during our 4 week mindfulness workshop is to look at the authenticity of how you want to operate and who you really are.

So we’re going to be teaching you how to be your authentic self. Be the most effortless version of yourself.

This will leave you with peace. More energy. More joy. More satisfaction. Less struggle.

Well, it will at the very least point you in the right direction!

We look forward to sharing in your well-being.

The Details: $97 +GST When: 29 September and 06, 13 and 20 October 2021 Where: ZOOM Start: 2pm (Perth) | 3:30pm (Adelaide) | 4pm (Sydney/Brisbane)