A lot of clients I'm talking to at the moment, have different issues going on and are telling me that things are changing big time. 

And, what I hearing at the moment is that there are areas where it's still going well, but we're seeing signs of it turning. There are area's where it's already turned and it's a struggle. And, there's actually a lot of areas where it's really, really bad right now.

The point of this video is to talk about the fact that we need to stay, as managers, strategic, really strategic. We must keep our heads out of the business as managers and coaches and stay strategic. We must look at what is happening and say where do we wanna go with this? Otherwise, your whole team... and you... just keep beavering away and nothing happens. 

Things are changing, they are happening quite fast, and we need to react way, way sooner.

In this video I am going to talk about:

  • The dynamics of each type of market
  • Key indicators telling us when the market is changing, and to what type of market
  • 3 key strategies you can start to implement TODAY, so that you are implementing strategies before the market turns, rather than reacting post.