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The Number 2 Mistake Managers Make when Recruiting New Sales People and How To Stop It!

What I find is that even after some time, and, even though we are now not sure whether they can make it or not, we persevere thinking we are the master coach and can make these people into something they never were. More time, more money, and a lot more energy. It hurts both parties in the long run and you lose your confidence to recruit. It can STOP ALL GROWTH in the company.

Here is how I think it works…

We think from a couple of interviews that they have a shot… we take them on… we wait 2 months for them to get themselves organised… they start with us… and by lunchtime on the first day we know they are wrong.

But then we say… I am going to fix it. I am going to put all my time into this person to get them up to speed. We spend time with them at the expense of our other top earners, working our magic… we give them listings which is paramount to taking 5k out into the middle of the road and setting fire to it and we cross our fingers.

By the end of the first month they owe us money. Not only the retainer but really for the time and effort we have already put into them. So we go harder… and go another month. Now they owe us 7k+ but we are going to SAVE them. Before you know it, they have been there 4 months and owe us god knows how much. We think “mmmmmm maybe time to call this a day”.  so, you get them into your office. They come in and before you get a chance, they tell you “hey, great news, I have a listing coming in”. “Oooh” you say… “how?” “I’ve got an aunty who is selling”. “When??” “Soon”. So you, think oh let’s get the money in, then I’ll make them go away. 2 more months… Surprise, surprise, no listing and nothing else has happened. And you finally do what is necessary.

Now… get this right. I am not into churn and burn!! I am into slowing the whole process down and using a raft of logical checks and balances to make sure you are working with the right people in the first place. But if you get it wrong… which you still will… correct it for everyone’s sake much, much faster. And do not spend time on those that you know will not make it.

Here’s my solution

1) Firstly, use the Caliper profile and the myriad of other ideas and strategies I have and will give you in this series.It will make sure you are working with the right potential agent in the first place. If you have someone working with you now, but you are not sure whether they are the right fit for this industry, it is not too late to start this process over again. Get them through Caliper and you will know if they are worth spending time on.

2) So, how long should you keep a new salesperson if they are not performing? There IS no single answer. Take 2 salespeople who started at the same time. Both have been in the office for 3 months. Both have not listed a property. What should you do? The first sales person is doing everything wrong. Turns up late… dress has got a bit shabby… is negative in the office and in group situations… doesn’t really like the whole scripts/role-play activities.  The other is doing everything right. Still very positive… still turning up on time… still determined… great team player… prospecting and doing the right activity there. Keep one get rid of the other. Persevere with the one that is doing all the right things. Please note it is not too late to Caliper them both at this stage, if you haven’t done that already and make sure you are working with the right raw material, so to speak…

The Caliper Profile is designed to help match the right people with the right job.

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