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The Number 1 Mistake Managers Make when Recruiting New Sales People and How To Stop It!

Okay so the number one on my top ten list of what we do wrong when we recruit for new sales people is… We constantly put all our time, energy and $ into people who were NEVER right for real estate right from the get go! Basically we recruit blind. Choose someone on gut instinct and hope that it works out in the long run. Some research says it is as high as $200,000 cost when you take the wrong Person on especially when you add into that what we call the opportunity cost had you taken on a better agent. And all of this because you made the wrong decision for the wrong reasons right back at the start. They were never the right person for the job anyway.

ANSWERS; before you entertain the idea of hiring any applicant you must put them through a psychological profile. Use what you like but we recommend the Caliper profile. It assesses applicants on 22 traits and rates them compared with other top agents. It will measure them especially on 4 main traits the number 1 of which the secret trait we need to know about is Ego drive. It measures how much they want a yes. How much they want to get people to buy into a yes.

Now there are 3 other traits that you need to really pay attention 2 and another 18 that are important including how structured they will be whether they are a people pleaser….all brilliant to know BEFORE your new charge starts.

Now this is NOT the be all and end all here but Our experience using Caliper is that you are making sure you are putting that scarce resource of time energy and money into the right applicant. Caliper is also about how to DEVELOP candidate once you make the decision to take them on. Its simple NO ONE NO ONE should get into your office without this.

The Caliper Profile is designed to help match the right people with the right job.

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