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Number 3 on the top 10 things managers do wrong taking on new sales people…

We put too much emphasis on the interview. “they seem really nice”…..I got on really well with him……your gut feeling. We take what they say on face value and worse than that its normally across a desk. How has that served you so far?? We ask what we think is all the right questions. Are you an axe murderer…surprise surprise they say no not at all. What do you think of prospecting? Oh I love it. No problem I will do whatever it takes to succeed. Our interview skills, are not refined enough and every one now KNOWS the answers to give you. You must use other ways to work with a potential agent to see if they are a fit for the industry before you even offer them a job. Slow the process down and do these things and you have a much better chance of getting this right. Oh and the video you are about to watch on this subject gives you a whole raft of ideas but especially it will give you the number 1 activity I think we need to get applicants to do. So take a look.


So when you are interviewing realise that sitting across the desk from someone is not the right way to get the right information from them. You want the basics of course….and the desk format is the right way to do that but in most cases you could get all that info by having them fill out a form. but you need to do more. And more importantly you need to get THEM to do more. I have made available to you on this site a whole list of ideas you can use to get them to interact and work with you so you can see if they are a fit.

I said I would give you the number one thing they need to be able to do if they are going to thrive in real estate and that is……and that is…..role play! I truly believe there is a correlation between someones ability to take in information and then use it in a practical situation, and them succeeding in real estate. Get them role-playing before they start and actually observe them in full flight. If you don’t have role plays I can make them available to you and of course Quickstart is full of meaningful well thought out role plays. If they commit to Quickstart they are actually instructed to come and do a role play with you. Now we are seeing them in a totally different light. Now you are starting to get information along with all the other ideas on this program, for you to be able to make a decision.

The Caliper Profile is designed to help match the right people with the right job.

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