When our ancestors were alerted to a danger (probably a lion on the plains) the body would go into fight or flight which meant their entire automatic reaction would be to survive the LIFE THREATENING DANGER! All the appropriate hormones would be released to support the body to function optimally and to SURVIVE!

Modern man, it is safe to say, has no life threatening danger of being attacked by a lion, yet most of our lifestyles and stress responses are signaling to our bodies that it is being “attacked” and we release these same stress hormones! We call this living in the RED ZONE!

It is NOT a sustainable state of living and has long term effects on our health, relationships and general well being!

There are simple ways to reset your nervous system and return to the states where you can be at peace, heal and restore energy and health. We call this living in the BLUE ZONE.

Our 4 week introductory course will support you in understanding and becoming aware of how you are living in the RED ZONE and then support you in shifting to the BLUE ZONE. If your life is very stressful, unsatisfactory and chaotic in any way then you are living in the RED ZONE. If you would like more peace, calm, balance, joy and simplicity then this course could put you on track to the BLUE ZONE. Better health, better relationships, better work satisfaction … better life! Hope to walk with you each to the life that is just a little “awareness” away! The Details: $97 +GST When: 29 September and 06, 13 and 20 October 2021 Where: ZOOM Start: 2pm (Perth) | 3:30pm (Adelaide) | 4pm (Sydney/Brisbane)