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The number 5 things managers do wrong when recruiting for new salespeople is:

You don’t know the master plan as to how many new salespeople you need and how it effects the budget.

  • where exactly do these new people fit into your vision?
  • Do you need 1 person?
  • Do you need 5 all up?
  • How profitable are you right now?
  • What part of that profit are you prepared to invest in getting someone up and running until they are successful?

Not knowing this and recruiting blindly can put stress not only on the new sales person but you and the office as a whole. You need to know how this fits your overall growth strategy and I have a brilliant new way for you to do just that.


So where does this all fit in. Have you done an exercise where you have worked out how much money in commissions is available in your full area or franchise area? How does this recruit fit into your whole vision? How much market share have you got? How much do you think you should have?… We have a calculator that will help you work through this logically which you can access free on this site. Go ahead and see for your interest just how many salespeople you need to dominate your area. You may be surprised by what it tells you. In most cases, it means you need way more agents than you ever thought you did so you need to have a recruiting process in place.

Use this online calculator to work out your recruiting needs.
How Many Sales People To Build To.

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