Commissions are dropping in every state now…

Keeping these commissions up, requires some careful and sincere scripts. And whilst there are a number of scripts I could give you here, please note that they are all “situation dependent”. You will have to ‘listen’ to your client and determine which one works best.

Please also note that this script is appropriate at the end of a full presentation. These scripts are part of that and are not to be taken in isolation. My presentation sequence needs to be run first BEFORE you get to this point!

So here is the first one … READ MORE –

The consultative close. Easy if you have set this up with the whole sequence.

“Well Peter, 3.0% is a lot of commission…”

“Yes, Mrs. Smith it is, but you are going to be absolutely thrilled with everything that I’m going to do for you.” (Consultative close after a full consultative presentation)

“Well look Peter, can’t you do it for less?”

“If we get this sorted out tonight will you list with me?” (question)

“Yes, I guess we would.”

“What did you have in mind?” (question not answer)

“Well, Ace Realty says they will work for 2.5%”

Now it becomes a straight negotiation. Technically you have the listing. Let go!

“Mrs. Smith, what rate are you thinking?”

“Well, xyz down the road will do it for 2.2%.”

“2.2% – mmm… Mrs. Smith have you got a calculator I could borrow?”

“Yes, here you go Peter…”

Thank you – let me see.. (focus on it, work it out)… Look up from the calculator and say…

“Mrs. Smith you do want everything I have shown you yes??”

“Yes, Peter we do!”

“Mr. & Mrs. Smith, I will put all of this in place now and not leave anything out for 2.8%”

Then just be QUIET!!!

The response is either

Okay (shake hands and get on with it)

Or, they say no! Flat out no!

“Well no Peter, we are absolutely not going to list with you tonight. We’ve also arranged for 2 other agents to come in the morning.”

You can really only use this one if you are a top agent or have been in the business for a long time.

All right, I appreciate where you are coming from on that. What I would like to do, with your permission, is to leave something with you… It is what I call a comparison sheet, which has some questions on it that may help make your decision as to who you are going to list with.”

“On one side I have put in how I fare on this… like my average sales, the amount of property that I have sold in the last year and where our company stands, that sort of thing.”

“On the other side is space for you to fill in these same kind of details for these other agents. What I have found is that some people feel it is important to make objective comparisons between agents, before they decide which one they will list with. I hope this helps you in some way.”

“I would also appreciate the opportunity to talk to you again briefly tomorrow and see how things went. Would you mind if I call in around 2 o’clock?”

My favourite overall close is this one. If you have done the full listing presentation they WILL like what you have shown them.So this is a consultative assumptive nudge over the line.

“Do you like what I’ve shown you?”
“I’m enjoying working with you, I like your home.”
“I want to be the one who does the work.”
“Is there any reason why we can’t just get on with it?”

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