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The Number 6 Mistake Managers Make In Recruiting For New Sales People:

If we get numbers apply, we CULL based on all the wrong information often throwing out great people over some minor issue that has nothing to do with being a great sales person.You know there are no rules here. I have seen people from all walks of life come in and succeed in real estate. Teachers, plumbers, biochemists, police men and women. You thow out some amazing applicants when you simply whipp through a pile of CV’s because there are too many. Don’t do that. Some of the most unlikely people have what it takes and you will miss it because they are too young too old, according to who…you? How has that worked for you so far. I have a technique that is brilliant in chosing the right new sales people for you and your business.


We have a technique for running mass interviews. Instead of culling like you do and in some cases throwing out great applicants because they are….too old? Too young? Their hand writing is awe full….they can’t spell. You put them all in one room and make them go through an exercise that lets you see how they are in a slightly unnatural but very appropriate setting.

How do i get them up and running faster?

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