Caliper is the best way to make sure you are selecting the right Salespeople, Management, Admin or Property Management people into your office.

Of course we realise that Caliper is not the be all and end all of this and should never be the reason you hire, don’t hire, or fire someone. But it is so detailed. So incredibly accurate as to the way your team operates it is a HUGE addition to the way you run your office.

Caliper has just introduced a new highlights report for the Hunter Sales, Admin, Management and a host of other Job Models.

The Caliper Essentials Highlights Report provides insights about an individual’s personality dynamics against a scientifically validated Caliper Job Model. The report displays the strengths and challenges the individual is likely to experience in the competencies required by the role. It utilizes competencies measured by the Caliper Profile, and it includes a fit score, competency overview, and breakdown of strengths and possible challenges.

You can download a sample report here

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Our guarantee:

If you get a Caliper on ANY of your team and it does not help you with the development of that person in that role I will give you your money back. No questions asked.

That’s how confident I am that like others you will end up putting YOUR WHOLE TEAM through Caliper to help with their development.

Caliper is now easier to order.

Simply go to and click on products > Caliper to order online.