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Number 9 of the top 10 mistakes I think managers make recruiting new sales people is…..

The bar is too low to get into this magnificent business. A couple of quick interviews. The manager gets a good gut feeling… and in they come. Start Monday!!. Yes, they have been through the registration process but that does nothing to suggest they are even remotely a fit for this industry! The bar needs to be higher.

We believe that in fact you need THEM to COMMIT to the industry before you commit to them and start gushing all over them to get them to come and work for you.. Part of that commitment is to have them start the training process BEFORE they enter the industry and INVEST in that training. Don’t take them on until they have committed to do the learning necessary. If they say I can’t afford to do any training don’t we really have to ask ourselves why we are taking them on in the first place? Aren’t they simply going to be looking for the retainer in about 2 weeks time.? And won’t they very quickly get under pressure from lack of finance?

So my suggestion is that you take people on that have committed to the industry first. Yes…Get them to say yes even BEFORE you have told them they have a job. That way your taking on the right people.

Up and running faster. Earning sooner.

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