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THE NUMBER 8 mistake managers make in recruiting for new sales people….

You don’t have the time to train them. To spend real time with them. Instead it simply works on an ad hoc basis. They walk through your door every time they need something. Very disempowering for them and in the end bloody annoying and time wasting for you costing you thousands of dollars in your own lost productivity.


Part of the QuickStart process is that these new people are set up with a mentor for 90 days, to help with the questions that you would normally be taking every day. Not only does the mentor know their way through the entire QuickStart process page by page video by video, they have seen it all. They know what these people need to do next and in some cases they can inspire them to go harder, do more and so on.

A coach in your corner for 90 days plus the 150 videos on QuickStart and they will sale through the first 3 months. So you keep listing and selling and leading while your new sales person gets on with the job. See more here.

Your best shot at becoming sales ready and earning faster:

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