So, this script is relevant at the end of the presentation, when the vendor is hesitant to sign…

There are 3 things that will come up in each presentation.

  1. We need more time
  2. We have other agents coming in an hour
  3. Your commission seems high.

So here we go …

1. Time to think about it.

“Ok Peter, but we’d like to think about this overnight and get back to you.”

“Mrs. Smith, do you like what I have shown you?”

“Yes, we do Peter.”

“Is there anything we haven’t covered or that I can go over again for you?”

“No, no, I think we understand everything, but we’d like to think about it tonight.”

“Mrs. Smith, I have enjoyed working with you, I like your home and I would like to be the one who does the work for you. I know this is a big decision, but is there any real reason why we can’t get on with this tonight?”

“Well, I think my husband and I would like to talk about it a little more together before we make any decision.”

“I understand that completely Mrs. Smith. I have a couple of calls to make. Why don’t I go out to my car and take care of my calls… which will give you some time together and then I’ll come back and see what you think about it… Is that O.K. with you?”

Get up straight away from the table and move to the door. If you get out the door and come back in 10 you will get that listing.

2. There is another agent coming in an hour.

“Well, the thing is Peter, we have an appointment with someone from Jones Real Estate later this evening.”

“Mrs. Smith, you have said that you like what I have shown you. If these people weren’t coming here later, would you be prepared to list with me based on what you have seen?”

“Well, yes, probably.”

“Would I be right in thinking that one of the reasons you are not willing to cancel these people is that you had made the decision to hear them out?”

“Yes, I guess that is true.”

And, I also find that in a lot of cases you don’t actually want to spend another hour listening to this again yes??

Yes!! You got that right but we did say we would hear them out.

“Who exactly is coming along?”

“Oh, I believe his name is Jack Williams.”

“Oh Yes, I know Jack, great guy. Why don’t you allow me to just give him a call and say thanks very much but you have already listed and that way we can get started. In fact, by doing that you are going to save him and yourself an hour or hour and a half. Does that make sense to you?”

“I guess so if you’re happy to do that.”

Your commission seems high follows in Objection 3: How to close the commission…

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