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The number 10 mistake managers make is they do not have a training system to put new recruits through. We take them on and expect them to learn by osmosis. Watch what I do. Watch what my top agent does.. not easy and in most cases very disempowering for most. And in a lot of cases they don’t recover from it.

There is so much to know. So many strategies to understand. Pricing, auction, vendor investment in marketing. How commission works, how the industry actually works for that matter. Where do they get this information? What will they say to the 40 objections we need to know. Where do they get the chance to learn and practice these. What if they walked into you know how to do the best listing presentation on the planet. What if they already knew how to present that auction and to answer the objections sellers have around it. And what if they sent to your inbox their business plan for the year and their prospecting plan for the area they are going into. All possible…take a look at the next video.

1) Make sure you are taking on someone with the right base for success. That’s caliper for us. Measured against 22 traits of successful agents.
2) Careful and considered selection of the right raw material to put your time and energy into
3) The best training on the planet for new sales people
4) A coach to remove obstruction and encourage the best out of them.

All of this and way more can be taken care of for you with either the QUICKSTART TRAINING AND MENTORING program or by joining QuickStart recruiting.

If ANY of these thoughts resonate with you put your name and e mail in the box below and Peter will tell you the way to avoid each issue. Some are so simple and yet so powerful that you will get the confidence to recruit faster and way more effectively.

Way to build your business if you know the do’s and don’t s of hiring, training and mentoring them into the role.

So take a look at my experience in what we do wrong and if it resonates with you go on to find out how to counter these things to get it right. At the moment they say 80% of newbies are gone in 2 years. By applying some of these ideas we think you can reverse that statistic.

Up and running faster, earning sooner!

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