Vows and beliefs are interesting, aren’t they?

Beliefs are those kinds of inner scripts, those unconscious, or sometimes conscious little inner scripts and maps, that dictate all our behaviors and our choices.

It’s fascinating that something which is neither true nor false can have such a powerful effect on our lives!

The first time someone “challenged” the truth of my beliefs I really rejected it!

But when I stopped and reflected on the question … Can you prove your beliefs? I had to acknowledge that the very definition of belief, means you can’t.

Beliefs are just something that we take on that help us navigate our lives.
Sometimes these are healthy and wholesome, but for many of us, they no longer serve us! Do you know which ones are running your life?

Vows are even stronger!

Vows are set up when something really painful happened in our life as a child or later on, and we have this internal dialogue that arises and says, I’m always going to make sure that I do this. I’m never going to allow anyone to do that to me again…

These vows are like these silent, very powerful drivers in our lives. And it’s really important that you allow yourself to let them arise because sometimes they’re hugely sabotaging.

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