I was listening to a radio show the other day and they were talking about the things you were taught by your grandmother…

The first 62 year old guy came on and said that he remembers, like it was yesterday when his grandmother told him that if you sit too close to the fire your kidneys will melt… and now 50 odd years later he still can’t sit by a heater or next to a fire for too long.

Others came on remembering the popular “if you eat an apple core, a tree will grow inside of you” or “if you pull a face and the wind changes, your face will stay that way”.

Now these are absurd behaviours but what happens is when someone in authority tells us these things, it gets stored in our body… as an unconscious belief!

We all have hundreds of these “unconscious beliefs” stored in our body. Our memory may have forgotten or repressed these but when life happens now, we get triggered because the experience is stored in our body! We react and we don’t know why!

So, the question becomes… How do I stop reacting in this way?

The answer is… awareness.

Awareness about what you are doing, why you are doing it and then being able to make a different choice.

If we don’t seek out these triggers… that we have around relationships, work, prospecting and making money, and change them, we will keep doing the same thing and call it fate.

It’s nonsense.

This is what Mindfulness for Beginners is all about.

Neuroscientific research is categorical now … using simple mindfulness practices not only alters your physical and physiological structures in your body but also leaves you feeling more resourced to manage all the triggers that show up in your day.

More resilience, more emotional capacity, more clarity, better sleep, improved focus and ultimately affected outcomes.

Over 4 weeks, starting on the 29th of Sep 2021, you can explore with Tracy-Kim and I, how mindfulness can improve your experience of the triggers in your life. We will be unpacking tools to help you manage the pressure and stresses of our busy industry. The Details: $97 +GST When: 29 September and 06, 13 and 20 October 2021 Where: ZOOM Start: 2pm (Perth) | 3:30pm (Adelaide) | 4pm (Sydney/Brisbane)