Every day we are under pressure to make choices. Some with little consequence and others with life-altering consequences!

When we are living in the RED ZONE, that is, STRESS ZONE, physiologically, biologically, and chemically this translates into your body operating in fight or flight or freeze! Your sympathetic nervous system is activated!

When this happens, the frontal cortex of your brain – the part of your brain that weighs up risks and benefits, pro’s and con’s, and contributes to best choices – actually gets hijacked!

You can’t access it because your body is more focused on surviving the stress it’s under! Getting ready to run or fight the “lion”!
So there is a bigger benefit of why it is necessary to choose to get into the blue zone.

Our 4 week introductory course will support you in understanding and becoming aware of how you are living in the RED ZONE and then support you in shifting to the BLUE ZONE.  If your life is very stressful, unsatisfactory and chaotic in any way then you are living in the RED ZONE. If you would like more peace, calm, balance, joy and simplicity then this course could put you on track to the BLUE ZONE.  Better health, better relationships, better work satisfaction … better life! We look forward to sharing in your well being. The Details: $97 +GST When: 29 September and 06, 13 and 20 October 2021 Where: ZOOM Start: 2pm (Perth) | 3:30pm (Adelaide) | 4pm (Sydney/Brisbane)