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Just because you own the business, doesn’t mean you can’t grow your own sales…

I have 3 growth models that I use when working with managers and business owners.
The first is a growth model around your success as a salesperson. This is all around taking on Pa’s – Admin PA’s, Buyers PA’s Marketing PA’s. Don’t let your success be stunted because everything becomes a mess.
The second model is around growing your sales force and particularly recruiting!
The third model is the one, that on your balance sheet, adds hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars, really, in a matter of twelve months. And you need it!

Watch the video, to find out what the third model is, and more on the first 2! The third may surprise you…

MasterClass: Starting a new Real Estate Office

If you are thinking of starting a new office or have already started one but its not firing, then you need to watch this free masterclass I have put together.

  • The reality of what it takes to succeed when opening a new office.
  • Ensuring the new office doesn’t ruin any of your existing offices
  • In this webinar I will take you through the major topics that you need to consider first, and then master.  
  • I will be calling on 30 years of working with the best managers in Australia and I mean the absolute very best all of whom have been through my VAULT INTENSIVE course.
  • I have pulled every meaningful strategy, system and checklist out of that course and developed them in a way that a new office will be able to just implement them from day 1.

So you don’t make the mistake so many sales people or managers do when they start up.  Enjoy this FREE MASTERCLASS

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