A Tried And Proven System All Laid Out For You To Implement In Your Office

I get asked these questions by managers all the time:

  • How will I know if my new salespeople can cut it?
  • How can I minimise my risk?
  • How can I make time for this, when I sell as well?
  • How do I recruit for attitude?
  • How do I get them up and running faster?

So, I decided to put together my entire recruiting system for managers, so you can get this right!

We supply you with an 8 step process that you (the Manager) or your Office Manager can implement step by step all the way, from deciding you need a new Sales Consultant to them getting their first listing, and the entire system is free, for you to sign up!

  • We help you create effective advertising that gets the right applicants responding – 15 new ads in the system – you get them free of charge!
  • A total recruitment enquiry system from booking events, scripts to manage phone enquiries, invitations, e-follow up scripts. It’s all there!
  • Interview event package: Everything you need, videos, agendas, printing, speech guidelines.
  • Post-event system. Follow up scripts, further interviewing and profiling options. All your questions answered.

Two Huge Benefits When You Use This System

You are going to choose the right person for the job, so you don’t waste your time, energy and money on sitting ducks.

You or your RA (Recruitment Administrator) follow this process word for word and video by video as we supply it to you, so it doesn’t sap your valuable time and you can keep listing and selling.

You can sign up for Quick Start Recruiting for free! You can go through the process yourself, just follow the steps, or we can do it for you…

Find out more and sign up by clicking the link below…