For us, planning is about more than just filling in Business plans and setting goals that hardly ever seem to be achieved.

  • It is about everyone in the organisation KNOWING what is happening.
  • It is about everyone KNOWING what the direction of the company is and more importantly THEIR part in that direction.

An article from Harvard recently talked about THE GREAT TRAINING ROBBERY.

It spoke about the benefits of all in the business knowing what is happening above. Here is an excerpt from that article.

The Great Training Robbery

The study concluded that the organizational and management system – the pattern of roles, responsibilities and relationships shaped by the organization’s design and leadership that motivates and sustains attitude and behaviour – is far more powerful in shaping individual behaviour than the capacity of well trained and even inspired individuals, to change the system.

You can download the full Harvard Article here.

So, the point of the business planning training session on CCM is to set up systems that mean everyone in your office or offices knows what is happening and what is expected of them.

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