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Total Strategies and Systems To Run Your Empire!

  •  3-day lock down transformational workshop to create scalable, balanced growth in your business. This is all about the detail, the "how to" to create your vision.
  • ​Peter Gilchrist working deeper than ever before on your business in a controlled, fast-moving, razor-sharp, cut-through environment. Providing details, templates and plans for every aspect of modern leadership.
  • The focus of this 3 days is to strategise at all levels! To build on what is already successful or... stop the struggle, get on the front foot and create a totally successful office!
$2,450.00 + GST
 bring someone from your office at half price!
Mercure, Gold Coast 
19,20,21 February 2020
Peter and the team will help you design a clear vision that gives you STRUCTURE... PROFIT... and MORE TIME to enjoy it all!
"The Secret of Getting the Best Results for Your Small Business Is Joining the Inner Circle."
Russell Brunson
Come to Vault To Learn What These Managers Did:
  • ​Why one manager did NOT open an office in an area and realised 6 months later it would have been a disaster!
  • What another manager did to sort out 5 non performing sales people. The system he used to do it saved him thousands of dollars and got 3 of them producing and got rid of the other 2.
  • The simple model these 2 managers use to take home 1.3million each.
  • ​Why this manager bought back 50% of the rent roll he sold 3 years ago. 
  • ​Why another manager SOLD 1 office and things took off from there.
  •  How this manager went from a 1 million dollar loss…to a 1 million dollar profit in 18 months.
  •  How this manager made the journey from selling principal to coach/manager. The system he used.
  •  Why these 2 partners changed the way they pay themselves ..and their roles within the business, and how the business took off with that new clarity.
  •  How this manager used psychological profiling to sort out the culture in his huge company.
"I have used Peter's services for over 15 years and have grown from a fledgling company to market leader in our area. Peter's coaching enables you to cut through the bulls**t and achieve great results in any market!"
Greg - Summit Realty
We realise how much commitment it takes to give up 3 days and attend VAULT.
  •  Any manager who wants to figure out, and then go for, their ‘next’. Peter coaches some of the best managers on the planet. He teaches and learns at the same time.
  •  You should come if:
  •  You have turnover, but not enough profits!
  •  You are a selling manager and just cannot get to the next level of constructing a team that adds to your business.
  •  You are a coach manager but want to get the business more structured so you can get to the ‘next’ for you.
  • ​You have a medium-large size business but the return is just not there.
  •  You are a new manager looking for systems and structure to grow.
  •  You know there is a better way and want help to see it and implement it.
  •  You know there is 2x or 3x the business out there but you haven’t been able to get to it because you cannot get out of the fog!
  •  You have a brilliant business already but would love the systems to grow multiple offices.


We will unravel culture in your office. Deconstruct it and then reconstruct it in a way that is more constructive. The wrong culture is a huge energy drain on you and the rest of the team.

Let’s talk about:
  • ​do I get rid of a top performer if they are destructive and holding me back
  •  if the tail, is wagging the dog where do I start
  •  what of the sales person that has been here forever but has negative influence on the whole team.
  •  what does a great culture look like.
  •  what it is my part in this.


Part of gaining the right culture is to understand the values you want your company to espouse. Values can be a guiding decree that if implementing and functioning properly can answer almost any ethical question anyone in the building might have.
They also set the tone for your recruiting program.

So lets talk about
  • ​core values
  •  how values play out in each job role
  •  how to keep them at the forefront of the culture


Always a biggie at Vault. You will have absolute clarity about the future of your company. Not in a wispy dreamy way. 

You will know what direction to head and then have the detail to back it up with. Step out of the fog on this one. Once and for all.

Something special happens to every one in the company when you are clear on your direction.

People Management at all levels.

Harvard says the number 1 silent killer of business is when all in the company do NOT know what is going on above and beside them. It is time to sort this once and for all. 
At Vault we will give you systems for this, so all in the company know what is happening and have absolute clarity around their part in it.
"I would advise anyone who would like to go that extra step, to not hesitate. I got such a buzz and was so enlightened in different areas that I would not have thought."
Tony Giouzelis, Green Real Estate.
$2,450.00 + GST
 bring someone from your office at half price!
Mercure, Gold Coast 
19,20,21 February 2020

Killer advice in a  rapidly changing market... 
Which one of these resonates with you?

  • Do I recruit? How do I recruit?
  •  How do I attract the right agents? 
  •  How do we get called in more? 
  •  Why is my market share so low? 
  •  How do I get more market share?
  •  How do I get to more profitability so I can do the things I want to do?
  •  How do I handle my top sales people?
  •  How do I coach the whole team?
  •  What training should I be doing right now?
  •  How do I get consistency around my monthly settlements?
  •  How do I get my team prospecting more?
  •  The tail is wagging the dog…how do I change all that?

The Big Questions

1. How do I get more done in a day? A queue forms outside my door at 8:30am and I'm still at work at 9:00pm trying to catch up!

2. I work hard, but everyone seems to get paid, BUT ME!

3. My family deserves to get to enjoy the results of what I do, but the results are just not there!!!


Results can be runaway, and highly successful very quickly!!  listen in;
Join us for a highly interactive workshop environment, lots of whiteboarding and hands on getting the work done.
Vault Management Icons


The devil is NOT in the detail!!

if you cannot see where this is all heading for you. If you cannot pull out and STRATEGICALLY look back into your business, then nothing will change.

We will take you through a system that will let you see EXACTLY what you need to do, in your business, to dominate your area. Not just telling you, like some others do. We are going to let you SEE FOR YOURSELF, in YOUR AREA, what needs to be done.

No matter whether you are 1 office looking to triple or 10 offices looking to go even further!!

You will leave day 1 with an entirely different vision for your office!
Again….step out of the fog and get clairity about the future of your business

We look at:
The culture in your office;
What is right, what is wrong?
Who is holding you back from the growth you have been trying to get? and;
Who stays, who goes?
An entire planning system including:

Sorting job roles (including yours) and;
How you interact with each role to move forward.


Your brand
All the way from what it stands for, its personality, how to work with it, to getting called in more, your brand may not be what you think it is. Once you have clarity around it, things change. And it all leads to the main prize… ins.   
Property Management
It is either have money in this division or not.
Let’s talk about:
Buy or grow organically?
Make it more profitable;
How to work with a BDM to grow it faster;
How to work with your property management manager so you know what is happening.
All covered at Vault.
There are only 2 ways to recruit.
We will present 2 full systems of recruiting for you to follow and use. Both proven and successful and ready to go when you are.
You will design your entire recruiting system right here at Vault.
What psychological profile to use?
Strategies around Training new sales people.
Who does this?
Who owns the models, the strategies, the scripts for your training?
How to get started from nothing!
How to take your training to another level...
Presentation systems included here...
Prospecting is in here...
Digital prospecting systems are in here!!
A massive subject put in order by a master trainer.


-> How to run a one on one effectively - The TOTAL system for it.
-> Meetings you should be running.
-> Simple models to help you coach sales people to their next level.
Full business plans available on line for you to use in your business.
An entire business planning program for you to implement with sales people, BDM's and property managers.
A system for running a 90 day planning cycle included here.
Your time design.
How to be an effective selling manager!!
Build your sales, then the teams.
How to be a coach / trainer / leader and get out of sales.
Systems for working with a sales manager.
It is crucial you stay on your life's path as the business grows.
Part of this 3 days is to take care of the base.

Your Facilitator
  • Peter Gilchrist has been in real estate since he was 21 years old. By the time he was 30 he had 5 real estate offices in NZ. He turned to strategizing and helping individual companies, multiple office groups and franchise groups grow their businesses, developing programs that he has presented to thousands. 
  • ​Peter consults to CEO’s and management teams for some of the best franchises in the country. He has also been heavily involved with the mortgage broking industry selling the first franchise he was involved with to AMP in 2010. He is involved now with Nectar Home Loans and Finance who have 80 brokers across Australia.
  • ​Well known for his no nonsense down to earth strategies for growth, his cut through style has led to many, many managers in the industry making sweeping change and reaping the benefits.
  • ​Balance is also at the core of Peters philosophy and thousands in 5 different countries have worked with him in the area of mindfulness and getting the most out of life.
BONUSES (Real Value $2100!)
We realise how much commitment it takes to give up 3 days and attend VAULT.
So to help you make the right decision we are going to give the following bonuses as part of your enrolment
3 months membership of our new Managers Coaching Cafe on line Interactive Coaching Community ……(Value $400)
15 minute whiteboard session (value $500). So many managers have changed their entire structure and in some cases their lives with a legendary whiteboard session with Peter. So as part of this 3 days he will ensure you get that session. If it is not at Vault it will be by Skype asap after Vault.
Caliper $250. This selection and coaching tool will be a permanent part of your tool box after VAULT. So as part of the seminar attendance fee you will get a Caliper psychological profile free. (Value is $250 +)
There will be a monthly webinar for 3 months after VAULT to ask follow up questions of Peter.

And lastly you will have 1 QuickStart on line new sales persons program to use in your office within 12 months. (Value $950+gst)
The Second Level Learning at Vault.
As past event attendees know there are some pretty amazing managers attend VAULT. So you have the added bonus of getting up close and personal with all of them. On top of that there will be some guest speakers in person or by Skype to support the systems you are learning.
Not just the “what to do” but the actual “how to” of taking control of your business once and for,strategies, the detail, the mind shift, the deconstruction and reconstruction of virtually every part of your business. Walk out ready to put it all in place with on going support.
$2,450.00 + GST
 bring someone from your office at half price!
Mercure, Gold Coast 
19,20,21 February 2020
AFTER VAULT you will be supported for 3 months in our Coaching Cafe for Managers Membership 
Peter has been running this 3 day Management Seminar for 24 years now. It has evolved and become more and more detailed in the information it will make available to you, all the way from re-setting the company road map to how to run an effective 1 on 1. Some of the best in the business have been to this 3 days. Shane Smollen, Gary Peer, Ben Sehussen, Peter Mumford, Philip web and many more of the best of the best. 

So we have no hesitation in saying... if you do not get you money’s worth. If you do not feel like this changes anything about your vision or does not give you enough detail to be able to put these programmes in place… see Peter and he will refund you immediately. No questions asked
PLUS because I have put you to the trouble of coming for no gain to you, I will give you your money back AND a bottle of grange for your trouble.
Who else should I bring with me?
Many in the past have brought business partners, sales managers or executive assistants. The change will be profound so it helps to have someone else on the same page as you when it comes to implementation.
Why 3 days?
You can attend a 2 day event but don’t get the detail. There is so much to do in the  management of the modern real estate agency. You NEED to stop, sit strategically and figure out what it is you need to do. Then you need the “how to” so you can actually implement what is required. It TAKES 3 days!!!
I am new is it still appropriate for me?
It is exactly what you need if you are starting out in this business.
3 days at VAULT and you will be very clear on what you have to do to succeed.
And… will know exactly HOW to do just that.
Our company is only small. Is it the place for me?
Owners who have been turning over 700k have attended VAULT and are now turning over 5mill!! That is correct, so whether you are at that level and want to grow….or wether you are at 5mill already and want to go to multiple offices and 10mill VAULT is the 3 days to come to.
Come and work with us. 3 days to get real change happening in your business. 3 days to a new vision and the where with all to get it done.
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