Watch Peter Gilchrist Role Play

36+ Prospecting Scripts!

Following Peters session role playing an entire presentation, in just 90 fast paced minutes, he is going to “role play” prospecting scripts, one after the other as though he is talking to prospective clients.

No stories, no prep... just straight into what to say, how to say it and how to find listings. 

In this fast-paced 90 minute session, Peter will role play scripts for:

  • Straight cold calls
  • Open days
  • Call backs
  • Private sales
  • Doorknocking
  • Working a street
  • Old OFI books
  • Database calls that make some sense
  • Calls around a new listing
  • Keeping a future seller warm without being crass
  • Expired listings

Fast and Furious. No bullshit. Down to Earth.

Peter will go through these working with a role play partner.

Bring your phone to record it.

Peter will take questions. 

Once in a career chance to hear the master wordsmith prospecting.

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The Live Prospecting Role Play

Friday 30 April 2021 

8am WA | 9:30am SA | 10am AEST  

ONLY $97 + GST

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