Live Listing Presentation Role Play

Watch Peter Gilchrist Role Play a Listing Presentation live with a vendor!

In this fast-paced 90 minute session, Peter will role play scripts for:

  • The answers to the 3 main objections:

1. I need more time

2. Your commission is too high

3. We have other agents coming

  • New scripts on how to present digital marketing to take a listing
  • How to get a price not give a price... then decide if you want the listing
  • How to keep your commission  higher
  • Peter will go for just 90 minutes...
  • No stories, just role playing the presentation sequence
  • His presentation has been taught to thousands of agents in 5 different countries.
  • This is a rare chance to hear him go from start to finish with someone playing the vendor.
  • You will be able to follow his structure and presentation on the slide deck.

Don’t miss this opportunity to measure your presentation against the coach!

It will be worth 10’s of thousands of dollars to any agent 

The Live Listing Presentation Role Play Masterclass

90 Minutes

ONLY $97 + GST

*Free to you if you are Coaching Client or member of Coaching Cafe - you will find it under Masterclasses.