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The Most Experienced Management Coach in Real Estate, Now Provides a Comprehensive Resource Platform

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An Interactive Strategic Coaching Group Like No Other Available To Managers.​

It's like having a super coach on your Board. 

Your own management advisor, that works with you to get your office moving forward faster,  and getting you the momentum you need to keep up with the rapidly changing industry.

Peter Gilchrist has not only been through every market change, but has stayed on top of industry trends, supporting the best of the best in the industry. 

Never before has it been more critical to have access to a Strategic Coach like Peter!

Join now and the first 30 days are on us! First subscription only after 30 days. No lock-in contract.


  • An interactive coaching site where you can be guided through all the various management topics
  •  Monthly training sessions  on topical issues, or use the recordings at a later time
  • Questions answered in the monthly Q&A Webinar, and Peter’s suggestions re-worked for all  to hear in the Coaching Room
  •  Strategy Room - where relevant issues are answered in a clear and logical way, linked to the relevant training material available
  • Video’s, masterclasses and training sessions on management issues, all here for you as a coaching resource.
  • We will design the ideal coaching plan for you for 12 months. Follow the recommended steps and monthly coaching focus and you will work through the 12 month coaching plan.

Imagine being able to have a world class coach help you make decisions in your business.

How much faster will your business get moving?

You will find the answer to all of these issues & more:

  • You are wondering about what the next strategy is, for you and your company.
  • Do I recruit? How do I recruit?
  • How do I attract the right agents?
  • How do we get called in more?
  • Why is my market share so low?
  • How do I get more market share?
  • How do I get to more profitability so I can do the things I want to do?
  • How do I handle my top sales people?
  • How do I coach the whole team?
  • What training should I be doing right now?
  • How do I get consistency around my monthly settlements?
  • How do I do more prospecting?
  • The tail is wagging the dog...how do I change all that?

You will find the answers in several ways:

  • SEARCH the issue to find video and hardcopy strategies and ideas.
  • SCROLL through the headings to find what your looking for.
  • IMPLEMENT any of the volumes of systems on recruiting, training, coaching, culture and much much more.
  • ASK for help on Coaching Café. Peter will answer questions and where appropriate make these available for all to see.(Without names of course)
  • ATTEND the monthly webinar where you can submit questions prior to the day. Peter will answer these questions for you on a live webinar. Get your questions answered and hear others' answers too!

Your growth strategy and the detail of how to implement it, are all here in Coaching Café.


"It’s pretty exceptional, where can you go to get a true insight as to how to grow your business properly?"



"We can see what other people are doing and go down the right path, take out what you need to grow. Really interesting and insightful ...The best money I’ve invested in my real estate career in terms of ROI"



"...Extremely holistic all the way from good business planning, great coaching of people and improving your own life, wonderful! Great clarity re what you need to do to make a real difference... really drive significant change"



"...we can plan for future growth but we must make sure it actually happens. I haven’t regretted a cent I have spent or a moment I have spent, been very well worth it"



"I’ve got clarity around what I want …life has changed
More bang for buck than anything else I’ve done"



Take a look at what is available to you now on Coaching Cafe.

Peter teaches & takes you through management systems that are practical, down to earth and work.

Coaching Cafe is an interactive place where you drop in to sort through your current issues or opportunities.

It is not just a dumping ground for videos it is an interactive sequential system laid out over a 12 month period. 

We will deal with topics on a monthly basis, bringing you up to date with every modern facet of real estate within that topic.
Covering all the main strategies you require to grow your business. No more procrastination. 

With the Coaching Café membership you have everything you need to go from $1 -2 million… from $2-4 million and beyond.

Peter has helped so many managers just like you get huge growth from their businesses. 

  •  Setting your vision. 
  • Understanding you, and how you work.
  • Your team culture.
  • Your brand and how to maximise it.
  • Getting call ins.
  • Planning systems for EVERY part of the business.
  • Listing strategies you need to teach.Models of growth for the business.
  • Growth strategies for your team individually.
  • Models of growth for the business.
  • Recruiting models and systems.
  •  Training. Models for growth. Scripts and dialogues, strategies for agent growth. Training sessions you can implement NOW! That will effect the way your team works.Presentation systems and training, prospecting systems including digital prospecting.
  • Coaching models and systems. How to run effective 1 on 1’s. Coaching teams. Coaching individuals to the next level… systems and strategies.
  • Customer service systems and strategies to implement.
  •  Digital. Understand what is happening right now and how you can implement this into your prospecting systems. Time management systems and models to train in both for you and the team.
  •  Balance. Money isn’t everything. This café has balance structure in it all the way through. So you can make more money and have the time to enjoy it.


Once a month Peter will run a training session. Either play this live to your team via skype, or you will have the ability to re play it at a time that suits you. 1 training session can cost up to $8,000 for just an hour and a half. So do the maths on what value it is to have a live training session in your office each month. (Note 40 weeks of the year)


Monthly Q&A webinars with pre submitted questions will be thoroughly answered by Peter or a guest and you will have the ability to push back or ask for more clarity on those webinars. The best management coach in the business on a coaching webinar each month.


As part of Coaching Café  you can book a coaching call with Peter. If you are stuck… if your not sure of how to structure something in your business or what the next step is for you… you can go straight to the calendar and book a coaching call. (Note there is a charge for this service).


All of Peters seminars and 1 off training sessions are in Coaching Café. Short and to the point but packed with powerful change inducing ideas for managers. All organised in an easy to find way to use over and over when the need arises.

  • 3 day management training videos.
  • Never miss a listing again training system.
  • Digital prospecting “how to” videos.
  • Re – pricing video training session.
  • Managing volume video training session.
  • Working with a PA video training session.
  • Time management for managers, video training session.
  • and much, much more...


Peter is a voracious reader. You will see what he is reading at the moment and be able to tune into the psych of a master coach.


  • You will get 1 new or existing sales person through Quick Start, our online training system for new sales people free to use within 1 year. (Normal cost is $950+GST)
  • You can attend any of the 1 day seminars with a 20% discounted rate.
  • You have a Caliper psychological profile to use within your office for only $125+GST… half what it costs normally.
  • First month is free! We bill you 30 days from the start of your membership.

Cancel anytime, no lock-in - *we just ask for 30 days notice of your billing cycle.*

Was $127+gst NOW $47+gst

Monthly (First 30 days are free!)

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Meet Peter,

Your Master Coach

  •  Peter consults to CEO’s and management teams for some of the best franchises in the country. 
  •  Peter Gilchrist has been in real estate since he was 21 years old. By the time he was 30 he had 5 real estate offices in NZ.
  •  He turned to strategizing and helping individual companies, multiple office groups and franchise groups grow their businesses, developing programs that he has presented to thousands.
  • He has also been heavily involved with the mortgage broking industry selling the first franchise he was involved with to AMP in 2010. He is involved now with Nectar Home Loans and Finance who have 80 brokers across Australia.
  • Well known for his no nonsense down to earth strategies for growth, his cut through style has led to many, many managers in the industry making sweeping change and reaping the benefits.
  • Balance is also at the core of Peters philosophy and thousands in 5 different countries have worked with him in the area of mindfulness and getting the most out of life.
  •  Regular Speaker at AREC Live, including 2018.

Imagine having a million dollar coach available to you!

Peters clients pay up to 20k a year to have coaching with him. Now for a fraction of the cost you can be coached by a master in growth strategies. Not a passive site just with videos on it but training sessions, webinars, questions answered, PLUS all of his systems and strategies to back up the decisions you make.

That’s why we call it COACHING CAFÉ!

This is a strategic thinking coaching system for managers who want to MOVE to the next level.

Deep thinking and the systems to back it up for those who want momentum in their business.

As we call it ...

Better life, better business. Better business, better life.

Available to you each month for strategies and system updates to get growth in your business fast. The goal is to supply managers full on coaching at a fraction of the cost of one on one. Step out of the fog in your business, get CLARITY.

Join now for $47+gst a month (first 30 days are free!) or a 1 off annual fee of $1,297.00 (2 months free!)


A structured, sequential program for managers.

Was $127+gst NOW $47+gst

Monthly (First 30 days are free!)

Get Instant Access


  • How long do I have to join for?

There is no minimum period of time you have to join for to take advantage of all the bonus offers. We will rely on your own integrity as to how you use this Coaching Café.

  • What if a group of us want to join?

Call us if they are all in the same office and we will quote you. Franchises and large management groups call us for group discounts.

  • Is this appropriate for a new manager?

No... it is ESSENTIAL for any new manager!

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