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Now You Can Have Access To A Strategic Coach That Will Take You To The Next Level In Sales.
Coaching with Peter Gilchrist is a HUGE investment.
He was dubbed “super coach” by the number 1 sales person at McGrath at the time, Wayne Vaughan.

Now you can have absolute access to him and his entire library of models, strategies and tactics for 
getting sales peoples income through the roof!
Break through strategies for sales people WANTING TO GO TO THEIR NEXT LEVEL IN INCOME.
  •  IF you are stock on a plateau.
  •  If you are new and don't know what to do next.
  •  If you are stock at 500k and want to desperately to get to $1 million.
  • If you are like so many others at $1 million and want the strategies to get to $2 million.
$79/m + GST
Monthly (First Month is Free)
No Lock-in! Instant Access
It's Never the detail that allows 
Where you are right now?
1. Brand new? 
You need to find the right knowledge, learn it, role play it and practice it.  

2. 6-12 months in the game? 
You are up and running but seem to have good months and bad months. No consistency.

3. You are doing well, but can't get to the next level? 
You just don’t know what is required here!

4. You have 1 PA...
 But it is just not translating into more commission for you…

5. You're doing well, but now you’re too busy to do what creates the business. 
Your time management has gone really astray.

6. You’re doing well but have no life to speak of outside of the real estate industry.... 

7. You want to know how to find, choose, employ, and work with a second PA. 
It is time for you to go for it.
Any of these resonate for you?  
Then come on board the Coaching Café. 
The answers, the strategies AND the detail, the exact “how to” of all these issues… are here. 
  • ​ Go WITH THE FLOW IN THE MONTHLY ROLL OUT of all the big topics for salespeople. Yes, you will have access to the entire library of videos workbooks, strategies and tactics. But instead of it being overwhelming and you don’t know where to start… we have designed each months coaching for you.  
  • ​ SEARCH for whatever your issue is and find video and hardcopy instructions on what strategies and ideas to employ.
  • ​ SCROLL through the headings to find what you're looking for.
  • ​ IMPLEMENT any of the volumes of systems on your growth strategy, prospecting, presentation, time management and much much more.
  • ​ ASK for help on Coaching Café. Peter will answer questions and where appropriate make these available for all to see. (Without names of course)
  • ​ ATTEND the monthly webinar where you can submit questions prior to the day. Peter will answer these questions for you on a live webinar. Hear your question answered and others that you will also benefit from.
Your growth strategy and the detail of how to implement it are all here in Coaching Cafe
  • ​ Stories of how so many salespeople working with Peter have taken their earnings through the roof.
  • ​ Like the agent that was doing 1.1mill, .he had 2 PA’s and was working very hard. Through changing the strategy slightly this salesperson went through to 2.3mill in just 6 months.
  • ​ Another husband and wife team went from an average of $40,000 GCI a month to an average of $80,000 a month in just 2 months.
  • ​ How this agent went from part-time doing 25k a month to speaking at Arec in 2 years and doing 100k months regularly. (Call me for the names of these agents) 
  • And at the same time, there are just too many stories of those who went from 200k a year to 400k a year. 
  • Peter believes this should only take 90 days to get to your new earning level.
  • ​ Now he wants to coach more and more agents to do the same. And for a fraction of the price that these agents have paid him for a year of coaching.
Your growth strategy and the detail of how to implement it are all here in Coaching Cafe
Let me be clear… 
This is not just a bunch of interviews and videos.
 Too much information is now just overload and overwhelm. So we give you access to all of Peters training systems and sessions. 
All the scripts, dialogues strategies and tactics. 
All of the mailout ideas, the digital marketing suite. 
All there but we roll out a topic of the month. 
You will receive ideas, videos, workbooks to fill out exercises to do in the month, for the current topic.  

Of course, there are 100’s of those video training sessions (these are systems and strategies that all add up to your growth strategy, not just 1 off videos.) But one of the keys to the Coaching café is that we have laid out each month for you. If you just do the work. Each month we will hammer out a whole subject for you. Just listen to the podcasts, watch the videos and do the exercises, and you will make a lasting change to your business.  

I have put the time aside to interact with those that want to grow their business through the roof. The detail… you will go to the video systems for. But it is the strategy that I want to focus on. It is not a detailed system that will get you off your current plateau it is THE STRATEGIES that we will be talking about in COACHING CAFÉ. No more procrastination. With the Coaching Café membership, you have everything you need to go from 200k to 400k… from 500k to 1 mill, and beyond. Peter has helped so many salespeople just like you get huge growth from their businesses.
take a look at what is available 
A SEQUENTIAL rollout of the biggest strategies you need to dominate in successful sales:
  • Awareness and planning
  • ​Prospecting both traditional and digital.
  • ​Presentation strategies, scripts and dialogues.
  • ​Auction strategies
  • ​Communication strategies and ideas
  • ​Time management
  • ​How to build your success team around you.
  • ​What roadblocks you need to look for as you grow fast.
  • ​ Repricing strategies
  • ​ Handling volume - the details.
All rolled out month by month so you don't get overwhelmed.
HOlistic mindfulness coaching
Where he shares coaching insights that he learns as he works with some of the absolute best in the business. Only available through Coaching Café at a fraction of the cost.
As part of Coaching Cafe you can book a coaching call with Peter. If you are stuck… if you’re not sure of how to structure something in your business or what the next step is for you… you can go straight to the calendar and book a coaching call. (Note there is a charge for this service.)
The pg podcast
Where he shares coaching insights that he learns as he works with some of the absolute best in the business. Only available through Coaching Café at a fraction of the cost.
All of Peters seminars and 1 off training sessions are in Coaching Café. Short and to the point but packed with powerful change inducing ideas for salespeople. All organised in an easy to find way to use over and over when the need arises.
  • Never miss a listing again training system
  • ​Digital prospecting “how to” videos
  • ​Repricing video training session
  • ​ Managing volume video training session
  • ​Working with a PA video training session
  • ​ Time management for salespeople, video training session.
….and much much more. Only available through Coaching Café.
A monthly webinar where you can ask whatever question you want on your growth. Either pre-submit your own question or come and listen to what issues other agents have… and get the strategy for breakthrough!
Peter is a voracious reader. You will see what he is reading at the moment and be able to tune into the psyche of a master coach.
$79/m + GST
Monthly (First Month is Free)
No Lock-in! Instant Access
50% off a Caliper test as awareness. (Normally $250 +gst). Understanding how YOU operate is the first step in making a lasting change to your business. Taking this Psychological profile is a brilliant start for that, and at a 50% discount, it’s a no brainer.
Foundation members
50% off Caliper as above.
We will send you a 90-day business plan. Fill it out and Peter will personally go through and critique it for you.
My guarantee
I have put time aside to really listen to your issues and then answer them using all of my experience AND point you in the right direction of the vast resources on COACHING CAFÉ.

If you don’t get value or at any time feel like it is not delivering value to you, then simply cancel your subscription. It will be easy to do in our system.

My email address will also be on the site. Having issues?? Simply email me, and I will respond!
ALL OF THIS FOR JUST $79/month + GST a month.
  • ​ Access to an entire lifetime of coaching and training real estate agents in 5 different countries, with 100’s of videos, thousands of pages of material., scripts, dialogues, templates and tools!
  • ​Coaching access to the super coach via webinars and the ability to ask questions.
  • ​A sequential layout of the material delivering it to you with monthly topics, new videos and ideas. 
  • ​Access to mailout ideas, digital ideas, and other prospecting and communication systems.
frequently ask Questions
  • Am I locked into a 12-month program?
No you are not. 
  • You’re not getting value? 
Just unsubscribe.
  • What if our whole office wants to join up?
Call us and we will quote you on that.
  • Can I do this for myself or do I need others in the office to join?
Do it now for YOU!!
  • I am new to the industry is this for me?
This is ABSOLUTELY for you. It is the very best place to start your training. You will be learning the same stuff I teach to million dollar earners now!
Private facebook community
As part of Coaching Cafe you get access to a private facebook community, where you get weekly updates, can ask questions and share some wins from the Coaching Cafe.
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