You must have been in real estate for minimum 3 years either in management or sales, or in a support role of some kind

You will not get into this course without an interview with PG or MC. This group will largely be by invitation only. If you would like to be part of it set up an interview here.

How do I say they will be able to stay connected to us and use our experience on going. Otherwise they will have everything they need to go on and build their practice.


You will be accredited LEVEL 1 Conscious coaching when you have:
Completed all on line training as prescribed
Attended the 2 live sessions on the Gold Coast within a 2 year period
Have completed 8 case studies and submitted them for marketing by the RTI coaching team.
Attended 80% of the on line teaching component of the course

*NOTE……it is a prerequisite of certification that you have done these online workshops. There is no charge for them and you can book into ANY of them at any time. If you have already attended any of these courses credits will be applied.


This course will include the following Oxford University inspired accelerated learning skill sets.:

  • 6 months weekly learning engagement plus 2 months to complete the case studies required to receive a certificate.
  • Mandatory attendance of 2 in person retreats run by the Embodied Coaching/CTC team.
  • Weekly learning modules to prepare for Q & A sessions.
  • Weekly online live instructional training sessions (1 hour) with Q & A opportunities. (Recorded)
  • Downloadable manuals with all content.
  • Access to the EC/CTC learning portal with all of the assets you need to set up your own coaching practice.
  • A clear step by step coaching process.
  • Weekly support on all levels throughout the training.
  • You will receive new material and supportive communications weekly.
  • Access to a Closed Facebook Group to share and engage with each other and an additional portal to receive information.
  • You will be required and supported to do 8 case studies to graduate with clear guidelines and feedback to maximize your learning and confidence.


  • Scripts and dialogues to follow and offer when working with your clients.
  • All the strategy, systems, and templates needed for planning and coaching effectively for the duration of the program.
  • *Free access to all on line training programs done by Peter
    • Hothouse scripts and dialogues
    • Vault management
    • Effectiveness for selling managers
    • Role play club
    • Quick Start Next Top Agent
  • BONUS SUPPORT – to set up and market your own coaching business including an incredible online course to offer.*

How the program works

24 weeks of intense and fast paced learning the techniques to enable you to start your coaching career. You can begin taking clients in just 90 days!

During the 24 week program we will work together as follows

  • -6 days on the gold coast with PG and the team
  • -2 separate sessions of 3 days each. Month 1 and Month 5 and both mandatory.
  • -The first 3 day session will “set you up” to start talking with clients immediately
  • -The second 2 day live session will be a very practical session about using the tools you have been given, to help clients navigate through the inevitable roadblocks that appear. Actual role play and case studies will be priority here.
  • -You will be sent video sessions to review before we meet each week for an hour on line for instruction on how to use the tools you have been sent. Less talking by us…more demonstration and actual work by you
  • -There will be 1 hour sessions of instruction each week on line
  • -You will start working in groups virtually straight away to support your learning and your coaching practice. We use the Oxford university accelerated learning approach
  • -Case studies and role plays are an integral part of this program. You will start on those in the first month. Working with each other means you will learn about yourself and see the results as you work with others. And they work with you
  • -There will be a weekly 1 hour on line q and A with both PG and the support team to answer questions about particular clients situations you may have
  • -Month 6 will be devoted to setting up your website, getting your practice humming, showing you how to market for clients, and the practicality of running a coaching business. Here you will learn the model PG uses and teaches, that enabled him to spend 4 months overseas and still maintain a thriving and very successful coaching clientele.

On going support, new ideas, developments in coaching strategies

The ability to go on to LEVEL 11 training and become a RTI qualified CONSCIOUS COACH. LEVEL 11 includes the life coaching methods of CC at a much deeper level.

Time requirement

You must be able to attend the 2 retreats and the dates for those are available now.
The 1 hour workshop weekly is a must attend as well. You must attend 80% of those to graduate.
There is course instruction that will be sent to you weekly that needs to be read and exercises done
Optional sessions would be the Q and A sessions fortnightly.


Access to CCM and CCA